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You didn’t go to law school to work in sales.
Strengthen your business development techniques and seamlessly incorporate BD tasks into your day so you can focus on the legal work that keeps clients happy.
Phil Cox

Business Development
Coach & Consultant for IP Attorneys

Master essential business development techniques
Turning leads into new clients is the lifeblood of any legal practice. But it’s not taught in most legal curricula.
I’ve dedicated my career to teaching IP attorneys the strategies they need to successfully:

Build a reliable business development process

Consistently bring in new, revenue-generating clients

Earn credit for supporting the financial success of the firm

Stop wasting time with leads that don’t pan out and take control of your firm’s potential by creating a plan based on your goals.
Building knowledge, systems, and skills for BD
In my experience, IP attorneys who learn the theory behind marketing and sales and apply the tasks outlined in my approach excel at business development in fairly short order.

Whether you’re a partner or an associate, starting a practice or marketing an existing firm, executing the processes and skills I’ve identified makes it easier for hardworking IP attorneys to consistently prioritize maintaining relationships that drive revenue.

Find your inner business development voice
I truly believe anyone with the brains to become an attorney can learn the science behind sales and marketing. Once you do, this previously onerous task can be an inspiring, energizing part of running your practice.
Learn About Phil
Learn the skills that make building a reliable pipeline of business, bringing in clients, and increasing revenue second nature.
More than 20 years of IP industry experience
Business development is difficult — especially in the highly competitive IP industry.

With my decades of knowledge from across the IP marketplace and your deep knowledge of your work, we’ll create a bespoke strategy that smoothly integrates BD into your busy schedule to develop the right leads and land them as clients.
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