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Hi, I’m Phil.
I’ve been teaching communication & sales skills to IP attorneys for more than a decade.
I’m passionate about helping people overcome their business development anxiety, and I know from experience that anyone with the brains to become an attorney can learn the science behind sales and marketing.
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Public Speaking
Who We Are
A Bespoke Service For IP Firms
Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in front-lines sales roles and developed communications expertise as a publisher of two IP industry magazines.
With 20+ years of experience working in the IP field, attending conferences, and engaging as a member of professional associations, I’ve accrued a variety of knowledge and insight about what it takes to help attorneys and firms stand out in this competitive industry.
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What We Do
BD Training, Coaching and Consulting for IP Attorneys
Since 2008, I’ve been coaching and training IP attorneys and firms on the science of sales, marketing, and business development.
The practices I’ve developed and refined over my career equip IP attorneys with the skills, knowledge, and systems they need to master the BD process.
I’m passionate about helping my clients overcome the stress and anxiety of business development. Together, we work through the theory and tasks that help them attract clients and set goals that take their firm to the next level.
How We Do It
Unlocking the Science of Sales
The most effective business development applies to the theory of sales. That’s why I believe in teaching my clients the theory and practice of BD.

By demystifying the science behind selling, my clients are able to clearly define what sets them apart and pitch the right services to the right people at the right time.

I work alongside my clients to establish reliable fundamentals for BD that help them find the most promising leads, connect with their ideal prospects, and show the specific benefits and outcomes of their approach to IP law.

In conjunction with tried-and-true systems for managing BD workflows and data-based approaches to business development, my clients can see their progress and refine the process as they see what works best for them.

Our Services
One-On-One Solutions
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Business Solutions
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