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Sales coaching tailored to IP firms
Learn to advocate for your expertise and break through in a competitive field
My coaching services are designed specifically for IP attorneys and firms. By addressing the market realities you face every day, we can set you and your firm up for BD success.
Find the right mindset
Establishing a healthy, realistic mindset for approaching business development work that helps us set realistic, specific, measurable short- and medium-term goals. We’ll also identify the approaches that feel right for you that can help you meet these objectives.
Lock in your Perfect Target Market
Prospects that are most likely to turn into clients are your Perfect Target Market. By identifying what makes these leads unique, you’ll be able to prioritize your BD efforts accordingly.
Learn the theory and practice of BD
My lessons teach you both the context and practical techniques of selling. This gives you solid foundational knowledge in BD that you can rely on as you practice the skills and refine your approach.
Establish tools and systems
I’ll guide you in setting up standard operating procedures to keep leads coming in, nurtured, and followed up with over the long term. We’ll also make sure you have the foundational systems, communication tools, project management software, and client analysis tools to make following through on BD tasks faster and easier.
Heighten your selling skills
IP is a crowded market. My coaching focuses on helping you identify likely clients, prioritize prospects, hone your messaging, and pitch the right services to the right people in the right place at the right time.

As your teacher, guide, and strategist, it’s my job to help you think creatively about business development and provide accountability, discipline, and structure as you carry out the BD tasks and workflows we identify together.

Let’s get started.

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