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“Phil is a true asset to the IP attorney. It’s difficult enough to find allies in our industry, but when a non-attorney understands what we do, it’s like music to our ears. Phil “gets” it. Having worked in our industry for so long, he knows everyone, and he is truly a relationship builder. He’s always willing to help, always looking for ways to add value. He has an endless supply of suggestions to nearly any issue or roadblock. Whether you are just starting out or need a great sounding board to take things to the next level, Phil’s your guy. Plus, he’s just really easy and pleasant to be around.”

“Phil and I first started working together when I set up Caribbean IP a few years ago, and I’m so happy to have had him by my side over the years as we have grown our firm. His highly strategic and down-to-earth advice has been truly instrumental in building the flourishing business we have today. He’s given us the systems and processes we need to keep on growing and helped us understand how to approach business development—I’m not sure how we could have done it without him!”

“I enjoy the way Phil works, his training and IP Attorney coaching programs are fun and have been really effective. He has identified and helped us make the subtle changes we needed to approach business development in a more modern way, in what’s becoming an increasingly competitive market. For anyone thinking of working with Phil, I would say don’t think twice about it.”